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It can be lonely in space but now’s your chance to make the ultimate connection! Navigate the firewalls of love and align the stars in your favor to impress your date!


R1/L1 : Turn front shape
R2/L2: Turn second shape
Right Joystick to move
Select to Start

This game was developed from scratch, over the course of ~30 hours by a team of 6 developers at the “Indie Galactic Space Jam” hosted by Indienomicon at the Orlando Science Center. (9.27.19-9.29.19).

The team utilized Unreal Engine 4 with Perforce as our source-control solution.

Production, Game Design: Christine (Sound) Wright

Lead Programmer / Gameplay & Cinematic Designer: Michael Carter

Programmers: Aaron, Yenetza

Artists: Mathew Garcia, Emilio


WindowsNoEditor.zip 252 MB

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